Business Models

I learned  about some of the different types of Business Models for Web Business. For most of this models, it was my first time hearing and learning about it. In my reflection I thought of what mine would be and it would be the merchant model. In the first case study, I pick the merchant model because they can have their own website and they promote other people’s goods or services. I would find it easier to show and is easy to management it. This part was my reference of what a Merchant is.

  • What is Merchant Model? It is a wholesaler and retailers of goods and services. Sales may be made based on list prices or through auction. It has three or four services to it.
    • One is Virtual Merchant –or e-tailer is a retail merchant that operates solely over the web.
    • Second is Catalog Merchant — mail-order business with a web-based catalog. Combines mail, telephone, and online ordering.
    • The third is Click and Mortar — traditional brick-and-mortar retail establishment with web storefront.
    • The fourth is Bit Vendor — a merchant that deals strictly in digital products and services and, in its purest form, conducts both sales and distribution over the web.
  • http://digitalenterprise.org/models/models.html

Also, I learn more about there is different methods and what they were. For the first case study, in my opinion, would be The Mix & Match Method. This part is a reference to what the method is.

  • The Mix & Match Method
    • Take two seemingly unrelated concepts, products, or services and see if you can combine them. They can be across distribution channels, packaging styles, branding styles, ergonomic designs, target audiences, core features, core attributes, and even base materials. Make a list of existing concepts and mix & match them systematically, analyzing each pair for viability.
    • http://bizthoughts.mikelee.org/brainstorming-business-ideas.html

Com Case Part II

In Adwords, I searched for both Chess and snowboards. I had to set my location to all locations to broaden the target market. Also, the search results did not show the “ad impressions” so I had to work with the average monthly searches for each keyword. The search results is shown below:


Keyword Competition Avg. Monthly Searches
Chess medium  1M-10M
Chess game medium  100K-1M
Chess online low  100K-1M
play chess online low  10K-100K
chess board high  100K-1M
play chess low  10K-100K
online Chess game medium  10K-100K
Chess set High  10K-100K
Chess pieces low  100K-1M
Chess against computer Low  10K-100K
Averages  100K-1M


Keyword Competition Avg. Monthly Searches
snowboard High  100K-1M
snowboard boots high  10K-100K
Snowboarding gear High  10K-100K
snowboard shop High  10K-100K
snowboard bindings Low  10K-100K
snowboard pants High  10K-100K
snowboard jackets High  10K-100K
snowboards for sale High  10K-100K
snow gear High  1K-10K
snowboard packages High  1K-10K


Based on the top 10 keywords I pick between Chess and snowboards. There are more Monthly searches for chess than snowboards.  The Competition variable for chess but for the snowboards competition has only one “low” and the rest in High and medium.

Because Chess has almost 10 times the amount of searches over snowboards and has a significantly lower level of competition, I would recommend Chess be the product this group continues to pursue.


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